Writing For Kindle Vella? Here Are the Top Faved Genres to Get in Quickly On the Action

Kindle Vella is a fairly brand new option for writers and readers across the United States of America. With Kindle Vella, readers enjoy episodic serial stories which can only be read on a device. Whenever a new episode is published from specific stories a reader follows, they will be alerted and can read literally anywhere. The stories are cell phone ready, short and quick, meant for easy entertainment and satisfaction.

New writers may not know where to begin in the Kindle Vella action. Well, here is one tip. It seems that much of the Kindle Vella action comes in certain genres as of right now. Of course, there much room for other genres to grow on Kindle Vella, but for right now, if you want to get in where most readers are reading, here are the categories to pursue.

  • SCI-FI

Now, if you want to participate in growing a specific genre, there is plenty room to get in where you fit in, and maybe even hit the top with that particular category. Again, because it’s a fairly new place for readers, the down side is that it may take a while for anyone’s story to pick up steam, but once it does, the sky is literally the limit because readers will have stories at their fingertips for only a low cost batch of tokens.