World Book Day Approaches For the UK in March 2017

Founded 20 years ago, World Book Day was and still is meant to trigger a love of reading for children, no matter who they are and their interests.  Having given away millions of books over the years, founders are hoping that even more millions of these books will impact children in the best way.

“Each year, a selection of £1 books are offered to young readers across the UK, with 13m given away over the last 19 years. After 789,738 £1 books were delivered for World Book Day this year, the charity hopes to increase the number to 1m to mark its 20th anniversary on 2 March 2017. Children can get the books for free in exchange for the book token available to all schoolchildren.” — quote from the source, The Guardian

World Book Day is March 2nd.  For more information, visit The Guardian

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