Willow Smith, Daughter of Will and Jada, To Release Debut Book In October 2022

Black Shield Maiden is the upcoming debut book written by Willow Smith, daughter of actors Will and Jada Smith. The book is co-written by Jess Hendel and will be released on October 4th of 2022.

So what’s the gist of this debut? For starters, it’s a story about an African warrior in the world of the Vikings, according to what’s picked up off of Amazon where the book can easily be pre-ordered.

To go further into detail, this African warrior is a queen named Yafeu who ended up stolen from her Ghanaian empire and forced into the North, one of the most savage worlds she’s encountered. In the midst of this chaos, she finds something far less savage, shy even. She finds a princess.

Together, with Yafeu’s confidence showing her how to execute her power, they set off the make marks of their own, and Yafeu ends up altering the course of history becoming a revolutionary heroine.

Sounds great right? Black Shield Maiden will be released by Random House, and for those who are quite as familiar with the co-writer Jess Hendel, she is a pro, hailing from California and the University of Southern California with an MFA in writing for screen and television. This is also the debut for Jess Hendel as well.