Will There Be Any More Mystery From Octavia Spencer? And More Middle Age Mystery Books For 2020

Most of us already have had at least one experience with Octavia Spencer, and that experience has been watching her on film in movies from horror to historical, and she’s also been very outspoken as of recently about Hollywood’s need to hire more actors with disabilities.

However, some may not know that the award winning actress of The Help is the author of the Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective series.

Starting in 2013, Octavia Spencer released book one of the middle grade series and followed it up with book 2 a couple years later, however, since then, we haven’t seen another book. Spencer is a huge mystery and Bruce Lee fan, and the protagonist of the book, Randi, takes a little from herself.

What would really be great, especially during this pandemic, is if Spencer dropped another, right? Adding to the mystery would be a blast for so many school children, but until then, here are some brand new mysteries for the middle school mystery lovers!

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