Why Readers Should Never EXPECT Free Books From Authors – Ever

Imagine going to work, day in and day out, week after week and year after year, for free.

This is exactly what readers are asking for when expecting authors, either independent or signed, to give away their stories that they have worked on for so long for free.

In the literary market of today, this is what goes on all the time. Many readers have become used to getting free e-books/books when in times past, that was unheard of. Whenever any writer puts in work, thirty days or more of work, and to only get nothing for it, that seems wholly unfair and much like volunteer work.

Sure, authors do give freebies now, and that’s well and good, if and only if they want to treat their audiences, however, an author nor reader should have the get-every-book-free mentality as an expectation. There are many readers who won’t dare pay even ninety-nine cents for a book because they want it free. Yes. True. It has gotten to that point.

Libraries should always be the places where readers get their books for free. There, authors still are paid for their books being checked out and read, and the readers get what they want as well. It’s a win win for both parties.

Retail outlets, whether online or brick and mortar, are never places where free books should be handed over at the expense of the author, who for the most part, are just getting by. As a matter of fact, many authors earn less than their readers. Shocking to the reader, but not shocking to the authors.

Therefore, authors should never make it the norm of giving away books for free unless there is a “giveaway” or promotion. It completely ruins the book market and leads innocent readers into believing that it should be done when in fact, it is simply asking authors to keep their nine to fives while entertaining them for free after spending off hours writing.

Yes, it’s basically asking authors to make writing a hobby not make it a living.

That isn’t at all economically sound advice. If the hustle doesn’t pay, it’s not a good hustle. Who can survive working for free? No one.

Freebies will slowly but surely kill the book market and make true authorship a thing of the past while leaving readers and budding authors with false expectations of literature and its worth.

Anyone for a movie? Scriptwriters still make money. They dare not write for free. Ever.

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