Whoopi Goldberg Is Such THE UNQUALIFIED HOSTESS In New Book

So we have Whoopi Goldberg the comedian, actress, host, author and now she is THE UNQUALIFIED HOSTESS in her new book that releases on the 24th of September.

You may ask what is THE UNQUALIFIED HOSTESS really about? Well, it’s Whoopi letting readers all in on how they can do what they see in magazines to spruce up their tables for the holidays, get togethers and just make their homes look festive and great no matter what day it is. The thing about it is, she is saying that it can be done ALL BY YOURSELF if you just put it all together and have fun.

Who needs a planner when you have THE UNQUALIFIED HOSTESS? In Whoopi’s own words on THE VIEW, “the book is about how to do stuff that you already know how to do in your house.

What are you waiting for? Get going. You’re qualified.

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