Who Wants To Meet & Marry Keanu Reeves? Author K.M. Jackson Has You Covered!

Wanna hear read something funny? Someone actually believes she can give counsel on how to marry Ke-to the-anu Reeves in 90 Days because she honestly wrote a book titled How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days.

So, since I’m thinking the title is hilarious, and author K.M. Jackson obviously is as well, this book is one to grab hold to on release day which is November 2nd.

Here it is! The protagonist in all her glory out there letting the wind dance through her voluminous hair like yaaaasss as she lifts her shades to give all us readers a peep. We can already tell she is about to take us for a ride in her convertible and in the streets.

Her name is Bethany Lu Carlisle and she just found out that Keanu the Boo is about to get married, but that’s simply all wrong because she is his soulmate! So you know what happens next, right? Well maybe you don’t.

We go on the adventure with her, that’s what! From New York to Los Angeles to locate Keanu so she can confess her undying love and hopefully take her man! Of course, there will be adventures on the way.

She has 90 days to show us how she’s gonna pull this off, but we have less than 30 days until the book is released! Can’t wait, right? Take a trip. Let’s check out Keanu.

So who is K.M. Jackson? Her real name is Kwana. You thought there would be more, huh? Well there is more! She’s a best selling author and has a cool background in fashion. Visit her home here. Her latest title will be released under Hachette Book Group imprint Forever.