What’s So Funny About Racism? You’ll Never Believe…

It’s time to laugh with the new book You’ll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey by sisters Amber Ruffin and Lacey Lamar. These sisters take on and tell all the crazy stories about racism over their lives, and many of them are simply hilarious.

From the blurb on Amazon, this looks like the right book to take the edge off as well as bring awareness to the everyday occurrences of racism in the lives of Black people, from the touching of hair without permission to being followed around in the store.

“From racist donut shops to strangers putting their whole hand in her hair, from being mistaken for a prostitute to being mistaken for Harriet Tubman, Lacey is a lightning rod for hilariously ridiculous yet all-too-real anecdotes. She’s the perfect mix of polite, beautiful, petite, and Black that apparently makes people think “I can say whatever I want to this woman.” And now, Amber and Lacey share these entertainingly horrifying stories through their laugh-out-loud sisterly banter. Painfully relatable or shockingly eye-opening (depending on how often you have personally been followed by security at department stores), this book tackles modern-day racism with the perfect balance of levity and gravity.”

The book releases on January 12 by Grand Central Publishing.

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