What About American Labor As We Move Into Labor Day? These Books Will Fill You In.

As we push forward into Labor Day 2021, why don’t we take a thumb through of some books that tell the stories of the Black Labors of America, from the past to the present. There are a plethora of books, however, we’ll showcase some books that will thrust you through August and into Labor Day and beyond, starting with Workers on Arrival: Black Labor in the Making of America by Joe William Trotter, Jr.

Forget every negative, stereotypical thing you have ever heard about Black people working in America. Instead, it’s time to learn the truth of the matter that Black people contributed heftily in the prosperity of America, contributing greatly to it’s successes, from the Transatlantic slave trade to the industrial revolution, inventions and more.

This is what author Joe William Trotter, Jr. has set out to reveal in this book to bring everyone up to speed on the truth of Labor in America.

Now although published many years back, Black Labor, White Wealth: The Search for Power and Economic Justice is a book that one can’t simply just leave alone due to the years that have gone by. There is still much relevance in it today.

The break down of the book is how America used Black Labor to create the wealth the country has today. The author, Dr. Claud Anderson, details how Black people were placed into a society where they would work but end up finding it exceptionally difficult to reap the benefits of what their own Black hands had sown due to laws implemented to keep them down.

Moving back up to the year 2021 book publications, Freedom Farmers: Agricultural Resistance and the Black Freedom Movement by Monica White is another excellent book that showcases the love of living on the land and remaining in the south as Black Farmers, not as a sign of oppression but a sign of independence.

Moving on to the memoirs is a book titled Black Man in a White Coat by Damon Tweedy, M.D. , and if you hadn’t already read and enjoyed it, well this one will take you on that journey into the medical and healthcare arenas where there are so many injustices and disparities going on that one can’t count.

There are challenges that face Black doctors and at the same time that face Black patients, but hopefully there is a way to turn the tide really soon so that health and medicine disparities will be a thing of the past and not present.

And last but not least is the bestseller Caste by Isabel Wilkerson. If you really want to get into the nitty of the gritties, this is the book for you as it describes the Caste systems in place in America. Don’t say that you didn’t know there was any such thing? Quite frankly, there is.

Get all of these wonderful books and start reading! Labor Day is almost here, ya know, and what you want to take with you is more knowledge to move into the the future with power!