We Have CORONAVIRUS, But Where Is GOD? John C. Lennox Answers In New Book

Let’s all face it. People are completely at a loss for what to do in this coronavirus world. There is absolutely no one that isn’t being affected by what has become a pandemic, but there is an answer. GOD.

Author John C. Lennox, a Christian apologist, professor and mathematician, tackles the mystery of WHERE IS GOD IN A CORONAVIRUS WORLD? This is actually the title of his upcoming book release, and what Lennox would like to do is have a conversation with the reader as the reader asks where is God during a time like this?

There are so many questions, but WHERE IS GOD IN A CORONAVIRUS WORLD? will explain not only where God is but how to cope during the pandemic through faith in God.

This upcoming release will hit on April 20, 2020, and will be available in e-book and paperback.

Lennox is also the author of CAN SCIENCE EXPLAIN EVERYTHING? and GUNNING FOR GOD: Why the New Atheists Are Missing the Target, both best sellers.

In a recent interview with Unbelievable?, Lennox explained how he “is very fortunate” during this time of COVID-19 lockdown to have a garden and kind neighbors. He also explained that before it ever started, he know much about exponential growth, he knew that “it [coronavirus] would multiply very rapidly” and become a “hugely serious threat around the world”. It was at that point that he would “write into this”, so he did and “produced this little book” in a week.

Lennox also lauded The Good Book Company, the Christian publisher of his upcoming book, for having such great turnaround and in multiple languages.

In writing this book, in the interview, Lennox believed that there would be many questions, from the bigger philosophical questions about GOD and then there would be those who really needed answers where there was grief and panic as well as mental breakdowns through continuous lock down.


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