Watch Dolly Parton Sign And Talk the Reasons For SONGTELLER In Pre-Book Release Interview

Dolly Parton‘s book Dolly Parton Songteller: My Life In Lyrics will release in November, on the 17th of that month to be exact, and she is already busy talking about the goods that are inside for all those who love this international singer, songwriter, philanthropist and the list goes on.

Of course, the book will be available in many forms, digitally, audiobook and hardback, complete with stories, never before seen pictures and songs.

She recently did an interview on Talkshop Live where she spoke about what was inside the bestselling book before it releases to all the fans.

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It’s got not only the songs that I’ve written, but it’s got all the stories of why…not all of the songs, there’s about 176 songs I think out of the thousands of songs I’ve written… but I wanted to put the ones that certainly people would know, the biggest hits, why I wrote them, how they came to be, kind of what state of mind I was in, and what I remember about that period of time. But I also wanted to choose songs that were not popular, that people don’t know that well but that mean a lot to me.

Along with that, I have a lot of pictures.

According to the interview, buyers stand the chance to win an autographed copy. Take a peep at the details in the video and watch Dolly Parton sign away with a kiss and a star.

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