Voting Confusion? Become Informed About Voting In America, Starting With THANK YOU FOR VOTING

Now that it’s time to vote, there may be some who haven’t the faintest idea still who to vote for and what the importance of voting is, and as a matter of fact, some may not even know the history of voting in America.

So, here are some books that may be helpful for those who are trying to figure it all out this election year.

Inside THANK YOU FOR VOTING: THE MADDENING, ENLIGHTENING, INSPIRING TRUTH ABOUT VOTING IN AMERICA, journalist Erin Geiger Smith takes on the challenge of explaining all about voting to us – the whys and what the heck for, the electoral college who? and much more in order that we all understand the process and become inspired to do it.

Readers get a little bit of history and a lot of information from each corner in order to understand voting in America.

Just in case you didn’t know, there has been voter suppression and disenfranchisment going on ever since anyone can remember, and here is the book – THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE WAR ON VOTING by radio host Thom Harmann – you want to read if you want to learn more about it and how to get your vote back.

Voting hadn’t come without winning the right to do so for many groups of people in America. Teach your children the importance of the vote by letting them know the struggle certain groups of people had – particularly woman and African Americans – which makes voting that much more important when you read the book EQUALITY’S CALL by Deborah Diesen.

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