TWISTED – Emma Dabiri’s New Book On Black Hair History

Black hair. The topic is just as much lonely as it is lovely. There was a time when it was ostracized like disease in a crowd of healthy, fearful people, and there is now a time where all over the world, black hair pushes its way through the crowd, no longer waiting to be allowed.

Author Emma Debiri has a brand new book on black hair that she is pushing out on June 23, 2020, and it will highlight how black hair has been used, abused and even laid and loved, throughout the times as well as now, even using herself as an example.

The book is titled Twisted: The Tangled History of Black Hair Culture, and this isn’t Debiri’s first offering. Her first was also about black hair titled Don’t Touch My Hair.

Debiri has actually gone on talk shows and more, discussing and explaining, the various types of hair classifications to those who would have never known, which is 1 to 4c, 4c being the tightest curl to exist.

“1 and 2 would be the type of hair that European people tend to have. Once you get into 3, it’s curlier, the type of hair that some Europeans have and some mixed race people have. And then by the time you get to 4, it’s gone beyond curly to actually afro tightly coiled texture…which is the type of hair that I would have.” – Debiri on RTE

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