TV Host Tamron Hall Preps for Release of Debut Novel & Learns Manifestations of Amanda Gorman in Interview

Amid some controversy going on in the work environment behind the scenes of television, the host and new novelist Tamron Hall is continuing to push forward with her new book titled As the Wicked Watch.

As the Wicked Watch will be the first book of the Jordan Manning series, and it should be full of mystery and thrills as it follows the paths of a serial killer.

Now if you’re looking for early reviews on this novel, so far so good. Cyrus Webb, a Top reviewer on Amazon, has given the book a must read great rating, so don’t be shy. Order your copy of the book on October 26, 2021 – the drop date!

Speaking of As the Wicked Watch, it was a week ago that Tamron Hall had fellow author Amanda Gorman on the show for the TH Let’s Get Lit Book Club where Gorman spoke of why she wore the elegant piece which represented the Statue of Liberty to the Met Gala and the symbolism behind it. She also described what it was like being at the inaugural podium after having always told herself that she would be president one day. It was like a manifestation of what is to come because, in Gorman’s words, “We don’t come to play.”