Triumph With the New Generation of THE COMPTON COWBOYS in New Book

Normally, whenever many people think of the wild west or cowboys, we think of the movies that depict Caucasian men and even women, kicking up the dust on horseback with wide brim hats and cowboy boots. However, that’s exactly all there is.

In the new book THE COMPTON COWBOYS by author Walter Thompson-Hernandez, there is a fuller picture and story of today’s new generation of African American cowboys and tells the story of black cowboys that have been around for decades.

Founded as an alternative to other activities, the small ranch in Compton provides an area for those who desire, according to Amazon, “to learn the rich legacy of black cowboys in American culture”.

There is a great history of African American cowboys in the westside of America, and many people all over the world can tap into what is rarely discussed or hardly even known.

THE COMPTON COWBOYS book release will be on April 28, 2020, and there is also a young readers edition to release on that date as well.

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