Time For Black People To Exit Democratic Party? Candace Owens Answers In “BLACKOUT”

While the Democratic party certainly has the majority of African American voters, there is one voter in particular that isn’t too certain that is where African American support should be.

Candace Owens is about to release her book titled BLACKOUT: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation. Already the book has potential to cause a stir as it compares a specific position of party affiliation to a place of slavery to which any reader who opposes her view could double back and compare the opposite party affiliation to a valley of white supremacy.

However, to digress from argument’s sake, BLACKOUT is due to release in February of 2020, and the author discusses her ideals and answers why certain Democratic legislation not only weakens the black community but keeps the black community in a place of poverty. BLACKOUT will outline the many reasons why Owens believes that African Americans should be fully persuaded to leave the Democratic party and become more fulfilled in the Republican party.

She calls this movement of African Americans out of the Democratic Party the BLEXIT MOVEMENT, and she is the founder. In a nutshell, she believes that this movement is necessary and black people need to become one with America and not separate itself from it. It was actually Kanye West who designed the Blexit logo. If one visits the BLEXIT website, one will be hit with a big “WE FREE”.

Sigh. Here WE GO.

If you believe she is right, want to read the book for argument’s sake, or just really want to read another voiced opinion in this free land of America, it’s ready for pre-order.

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