Three Summer Children’s Book Releases For June 2021 That Exude Confidence!

Summer 2021 is finally here, and there have been some great children’s books to release for the month of June, starting with When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Living Proof!

What on earth do you want to be when you grow up? Well, one little girl wants to be Living Proof! She wants to achieve everything she desires to do in life and prove it can be done. She knows she can do it as long as she believes! She also believes that everyone else can, too! Join her on a journey as she takes you through the many things she wants to do on her quest to become Living Proof that all things are possible!

Written by Mirika Mayo Cornelius, this children’s book is full of color with a little girl who is full of confidence and wants to share that confidence with young readers.

Comedians want to entertain the children, too, so one great way to reach the children is through a book! Kevin Hart has released Marcus Makes a Movie and it’s all about making your dreams come true despite the odds! So now that Marcus is stuck in film class, will he be able to get everyone together, from teachers and friends to bullies, to make his film a reality? Read and see!

Thinking about putting a new spin on ballet? Well Zuri is the girl who can do just that when she ditches her apprehensions about dancing the twirl and gives it a whirl! Zuri Ray Tries Ballet, written by Tami Charles, is another great book for children who want a pal in that extra push toward greatness!