There Is a Theory & There Is a Madman, But Let Jim Sciutto Tell It In His New Book

CNN Newsroom anchor and their chief national security correspondent, Jim Sciutto, will release yet another book, and this time it is going after the madman!

THE MADMAN THEORY: Trump Takes on the World will release on August 18, 2020, and is being published by HarperCollins.

In The Madman Theory, Jim Sciutto shows how Trump’s supporters assume he has a strategy for long-term success – that he is somehow playing three-dimensional chess. Now that we are four years into his presidency, we can see his unpredictable focus on short-term headlines has in fact lead to predictably mediocre results in the short and long run. Trump’s foreign policy has undermined American values and national security interests, while hurting allies who have been on our side for decades, leaving them isolated and vulnerable without American support. Meanwhile, he comforts and emboldens our enemies. The White House’s revolving door of staff demonstrates that Trump has no real plan; all serious policymakers—and those who would be a check on his most destructive impulses—have been exiled or jumped ship.

Sciutto has interviewed a wide swath of current and former administration officials to assemble the first comprehensive portrait of the impact of Trump’s erratic foreign policy. Smart, authoritative, and compelling, The Madman Theory is the definitive take on Trump’s calamitous legacy around the globe, showing how his proclivity for chaos is creating a world which is more unstable, violent, and impoverished than it was before.

So what exactly is the Madman Theory? It’s a term coined in the Nixon era when the idea was to make other nations believe that the leader of America was completely out of his mind, or a madman, in order to make them extremely hesitant of setting him off.

This is the exact theory that many believe Trump is using in his presidency, but it is Sciutto that questions if The MADMAN THEORY is working at all due to the fact that it has left the world in such chaos.

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