The Royals & the Books That Flaunt Their Succession But Not Their Recent Secrets

The world is focused on the accusations surrounding racism inside the Royal Family after the highly viewed interview by Meghan and Harry by Oprah Winfrey. Being that the Royal Family dates back to before the 900s, it takes hardly any speculation that they all existed during a time where racism was at a violent peek by the hands of Europeans.

That being stated, many in the 21st century are taking the Royal Family to task, awaiting a clear message that they are not racist after Meghan and Harry divulged breath taking information regarding the racial undertones that took place in secret while inside the palace gates, especially concerning the color of their son Archie and how he may not ever take a title of succession in the family.

For those who don’t know much about the Royal Family, here is a bit of some background, that takes one all the way back in books and moves readers all the way to the present.

The Royal Line of Succession is a book that one may like to investigate concerning how and who gains the crown and why.