Rebellion of the Enslaved in the Americas Is Told In These Fiction Novels by Black Authors

In the novel Curse the Cotton by multi-genre author Mirika Mayo Cornelius, there comes a point where the born and raised enslaved grow sick and tired, especially when a slave owner destroys the only grasp on true, unquenchable love that they have left to live for. This is what happens to Shelone, and her thirst for revenge is unleashed, starting in the vast cotton fields and ending in bloodshed all across the Marksman plantation.

Cane Warriors by author Alex Wheatle follows the story of an enslaved young boy in the cane fields of Jamaica named Moa who learns of an uprising that he wants to take part in to set himself and others free, but first things first – one must kill the slave owner.

Light in the Darkness by Lesa Cline-Ransome is a story that follows the life of Rosa who is determined rebel against the laws that held Black people down by learning how to read, no matter how dangerous.

Author Lawrence Hill brought us Someone Knows My Name about an enslaved girl named Animata who escaped slavery and ends up openly rebelling bybearing witness to the atrocities of slavery. This book is also known as The Book of Negroes.

In this multi-ending book titled The Day I Met Freedom, author Mirika Mayo Cornelius follows the lives of the enslaved in the form of what ifs as the reader chooses their paths just to see what the end will be. The book follows the lives of Wani, Iney and Oseen, who would do anything for Freedom, even if it means drawing blood, but the question is would Freedom do anything for them and at what cost?

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