The Matriarch: Barbara Bush Biography Releases Today

Written by biographer Susan Page, The Matriarch:Barbara Bush and the Making of an American Dynasty released today, and there is much to read inside about the late First Lady Bush via interviews and little known time periods about the life of the woman who had a husband and son once to head the United States of America.

Barbara Bush died at the age of 92, months before her husband in the same year of 2018, former President George Bush, leaving behind much family who loved her dearly and spoke highly of her, emphasizing that she was the disciplinarian of the household. On top of being a mother and wife, she knew the importance of literacy as she headed up the Barbara Bush Foundation for Literacy.

She leaves behind a legacy that won’t be forgotten, and the future will not forget how outspoken she was about the now current president – Trump – making his name equivalent to the word greed.

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