THE INSTITUTE TV Series & Stephen King Reveals How To Create a Better Story Each Time

Yes, Stephen King’s The Institute is out now, but who would have thought… (me)… that The Institute would already be snagged for TV series adaptation? Well, it has.

According to Entertainment Weekly, The Institute will be developed into a limited television series, but while that is in the works, Stephen King paid a visit to Good Morning America. As the king of scary, thrill and odd, he revealed the scary things that keep him up at night. One of his answers, of course, was “the current political situation“, which he is and has always been very vocal about on social media. One other thing that spooks him out is “elevators”.

Imagine that.

One of the most insightful pieces of advice that Stephen King gave during his interview that other writers can definitely utilize is how he tops the last book. His answer is simple: “Forget everything else that you’ve written and you sit down. We’re all ametuers at this business, and every time I sit down it’s like the first time.”

That’s the scary truth about writing. Each time is a new beginning. Get The Institute today.

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