The 1st African American President of the USA – Barack Obama – Releasing A PROMISED LAND

There is absolutely nothing more historic in the United States of America than the 1st African American President releasing a new memoir THE PROMISED LAND, revealing in 768 pages of his time, triumphs and struggles, in the White House as Commander and Chief, Leader of the Free World.

This is absolutely amazing.

Now certainly there have been other noted stories and biographies of past presidents, but none… none… will compare to this one which will release on November 17, 2020. If I asked you to name one comparable, you can’t. Stop lying. Historic is not the word.

The Promised Land is a well-documented account of not just President Barack Obama, but when one reads between the lines, above and below each line, extractions of what life was actually like in America, for America and even around America, while the first black man “ruled the world”. Future generations will read his words. There will be no doubt about it and no edits. We get President Barack Obama’s White House Life.

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I read a sentence, I really read it. Nothing gets by me, and I am fully prepared to hear this book, not just read it…and I’m not talking about listening via audible. I might miss something.

Even as a former president, he continues to make the former days appear easy although it really wasn’t. It couldn’t have been. He was the first. Being a black man in America, he knows what that means – having to carry a wonderful, beautiful yet heavy weight that no other president in history could have carried and survived with his heart, mind, family and focus still in tact.


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