Terry McMillan’s Bestselling Waiting To Exhale Becoming a Television Series

It looks like less than 24 hours ago, best selling author Terry McMillan released a tweet letting everyone know that her phenomenal book Waiting To Exhale which has already gone to film, will now become a television series!

For those of you who don’t know and haven’t read or seen Waiting to Exhale, get ready to exhale when you do because the book is great and the movie is sweet! It’s a romance where best friends are going through in love and looking for love all at the same time. They are all, hence, waiting to exhale, when they find the man of their dreams. The book was published in 1992.

The Waiting to Exhale movie starred Angela Bassett and Whitney Houston, along with Loretta Devine and Lela Rochon. The movie was directed by Forest Whitaker while Terry McMillian herself wrote the script. The movie was released in 1995.

Now for the television series, we have no idea yet who will be cast in what roles, however, hopefully, Terry McMillian will keep everyone posted. According to her tweet, Lee Daniels is all over production while the Attica Locke and Tembi Locke are writing while Anthony Hemingway directs.

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