Symone D. Sanders To Release Debut Book Titled “NO, YOU SHUT UP”

Lost in a world of voice that seem to always inevitably overpower your own? Not today.

Former CNN commentator Symone D. Sanders is releasing her debut book on May 19, 2020 titled No, You Shut Up: Speaking Truth to Power and Reclaiming America.

If anyone has watched or followed Symone D. Sanders, one would note that she is a millennial to reckon with because she refuses to be silenced or overpowered by anyone else’s voice. This message is what sums up her upcoming book.

It is to empower the younger generation to push against the weight of those who are the regulars of politics in order to let their voices be heard and not allow anyone to shut them up. Basically, NO, YOU SHUT UP!

Recently, she has been vocal about VP Joe Biden , the Democratic Presidential Nominee, and if he will choose a black female VP running mate while interviewing on the Karen Hunter Show. Her answer was cut and dry – she has no idea, but clearly explained that Biden was up for choosing a female running mate and even possibly a black woman for the Supreme Court.

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