“SWEETNESS IN THE BELLY” Book To Film White Actress Brings Controversy

At the mention of Ethiopia, one doesn’t think European or European descent. Instead, one thinks of Africa and African descent and even Jewish descent. This is where the controversy lies in the book, written by Camilla Gibb, turned film Sweetness in the Belly.

It turns out many people who had never read the book jumped the gun and attacked the magnificent actress Dakota Fanning for taking a role as an Ethiopian lady when she actually didn’t. The character, both in the book and the movie, is a European girl who survives and lives after her parents die, in Morocco and Ethiopia and raised Islamic. It is then her race that still makes her foreign although raised as Muslim in Africa, thus, making her an outcast.

Sweetness in the Belly is premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival which ends on September 15th. Meanwhile, Dakota Fanning has defended her role in the movie role, stating on social media that she “did not play an Ethiopian woman.”

She is playing a character from a ten plus year old book, and it may very well translate to film as an amazing story.

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