Sunny Hostin, a Woman Who Does It All, To Release New Books I AM THESE TRUTHS and SUMMER ON THE BLUFFS

What can’t we say about the woman we all know as Sunny Hostin, born Asuncion Hostin? She’s had a great career which started in the legal profession as she became a federal prosecutor kicking butt by putting sex offenders behind bars to becoming co-host of The View and producer and host of Truth About Murder with Sunny Hostin.

Sunny is now releasing her debut book and first memoir, titled I AM THESE TRUTHS: A Memoir of Identity, Justice, and Living Between Worlds .

Before you even ask what worlds?, let me tell you. At the very start of her life, she was born biracial, a child of a Puerto Rican mother and African American father, thus the questions of her identity, or ethnicity.

She didn’t come up with a silver spoon in her mouth either. Her parents were teenagers, but they birthed a determined child who worked her way up to becoming a journalist and lawyer!

Basically, Sunny Hostin has lived the life of have nots and haves, and in this book, it appears that she will bring them both together, showing her life in several vantage points as she fights for justice for the underserved and fights through her own personal crises at the same time.

Sounds like living between many worlds to me. Let’s find out how she tells her story when the book drops on September 22, 2020 when the book drops.

Meanwhile, understand that this particular book is being published by HarperCollins Publishing under HarperOne, it’s approximately 300 pages, and you can find Sunny Hostin anywhere on YouTube.

In fact, she once opened up about being called a foul racial slur while on vacation, and you can catch another vibe from this lovely author when she was on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Before we end this, she has another book to release coming but this one is a fiction novel to drop on May 4, 2021 titled SUMMER ON THE BLUFFS. Summer on the Blufss is going to be a series, and the book cover is, of course, below.

Also being published by HarperCollins, Summer on the Bluffs will be a story that takes place in the posh Oak Bluffs, with good times and fresh fun, however, as in any great book, conflict arises and secrets are revealed and all of it unfolds around who will “inherit” the house.

But on on and click here so you can get far more details on the story that you get here.

Now, we here at BookENews can say welcome to the literary world, Sunny! You’re welcome.

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