Story of First African Samurai Captured In Children’s Book To Be Made Into Film

If you’ve never heard of the first black Samurai, then you have probably never heard of the 1916 Japanese children’s book titled Kuro-Suke. It’s a story about the first black Samurai, a young man who, at the time of the 16 century, was sent to work for Nobungaga in Japan. KuroSuke, real name Kurusan YaSuke, was admired for how he looked at first glance because no one in the area had seen black people before. However, he learned much, including martial arts, and would dream of his parents back in Africa.

Because this is a children’s book, everything written in it may not be true to form, however, here is the where the true story of this first black Samurai lives on in it’s unique way.  The book isn’t being made into a film, however, the true story will be.

YaSuke was a warlord, and one of the greatest of his time and only black warlord in Japan.  It is this story of the first African Samurai that is currently being adapted into film.

For more information, see THR.

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