Stephen King Massacre-Piece Carrie Going TV Series

Raise your hand if you were born before 1974? You were alive when Stephen King’s CARRIE was published in 1974. The book cover was akin to a split screen where the main character Carrie White was on the left and the title of the book on the right, captioned with “a girl with a frightening power”.

Over the years, that particular first edition CARRIE cover has changed, but the story hasn’t, and it sends chills through prom goers around the globe because it’s a bloody horror massacre-piece as a result of bullying.

Aside from the storybook, CARRIE movie has already had its remake, but this time, it’s going to television as a series. What this means is more in depth characters, slight to possibly even major changes to the overall movie script and so on, obviously to give the movie an episode to episode feel.

It will be a limited series on FX, and according to Collider, there will be another major change possibly. That change may be that Carrie won’t be a cis white woman. That isn’t verified, or confirmed, however, more than likely, it is so being that Hollywood will continue attempting to transform based on money and power of the viewing audience.

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