Stephen King Brings 4 Novellas With Upcoming “IF IT BLEEDS”

Stephen King will release another title during the month of April, giving those on lock down due to COVID-19, the virus which originated out of Wuhan, China that has crippled economies and devastated the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe as a pandemic that is taking lives unmercifully.

The title of Stephen King’s next release will be a collection of novellas, four of them to be exact, placed into one book IF IT BLEEDS. The cover is the head of a black cat upon a brownish background, and the stories that are included in the book are Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, Rat, The Life of Chuck and the title If It Bleeds.

All of the novellas are brand new, so this will be a completely brand new experience for all who are Stephen King book lovers. IF IT BLEEDS is to release on April 21st, and is already a best seller via pre-order on Amazon coming in six editions.

Other than IF IT BLEEDS, Stephen King has been a guest on CNN to air what he thinks about COVID-19 and how people consider themselves to be living in Stephen King world right now, and he confesses that he knew that “this has been waiting in the wings for a long, long time…he wrote The Stand about a pandemic that wipes out most of the human race. Thank God this one isn’t that bad.”

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has been devastating for many families, leaving death and grief as it roams the earth airborne, contaminating everything it lands on and in.

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