Simon & Schuster Stands Ground On Publication of Mike Pence Book Post Staff Protest

The drama continues as major book publisher Simon & Schuster decides push forward with publishing former Vice President Mike Pence‘s books despite a staff protest due to accusations of Pence upholding racist values inside of white supremacy against marginalized groups of people.

The staff participating in the protest claim that by Simon & Schuster moving forward with the publication of this two book deal with Pence, they are helping to legitimize his “bigotry”, according to The Guardian. Meanwhile, Simon and Schuster pushed back stating that they are publishers, not cancelers. But the drama gets thicker.

Those who are against the publication of Pence’s book, which is due for release in 2023, also want Simon & Schuster to reject the publication of any books being written by Trump’s former administration along with books in conjunction with Post Hill Press.

That leaves all with the question – should Simon & Schuster fold to the push back they are getting from a staff that stands with marginalized communities, or should the publishing house continue on this track of publishing and leaving the rejection of the book to the buyers/readers?

Pence has signed a whopping seven figure deal with the publisher, and the publisher stands to earn big, especially with approximately half the voting population standing with the Trump administration. Despite the money, is it really Simon & Schuster’s responsibility to decline books based off of how people feel about them or political and social standards?

Questions, questions. Here is an answer – Let the readers decide what they want to read. Let Simon & Schuster publish.