September 2020 Books That Reveal the Political Climate of America Today

Oh September is here, and everyone is waiting on what will happen this month. Every single month of 2020 has brought something so astronomical in America when it comes to politics, that with this month, we are all on needles and marbles.

Have you made any sense of it all? Many of us haven’t, but there are some books to release during September that reveal how some have put life in America’s 2020 politics in their own nice, written perspective.

Oh the RAGE and how DISLOYAL. Both of these books hit one week apart from each other and about the same exact person for the same exact reasons – to tell on Trump.

As a matter of fact, DISLOYAL by Michael Cohen is already available, and so are his interviews, one to which he had with Lester Holt which he said that “Donald Trump will do anything and everything within which to win, and I believe that includes manipulating the ballots. I believe he would even go so far as to start a war in order to prevent himself from being removed from office. My biggest fear is that there will not be a peaceful transition of power in 2020.

Since Michael Cohen said it, then you know pretty much what else he will state in his book.

Here’s the other book – RAGE – by Bob Woodward. This book will pretty much dig into Trump as well, and we aren’t certain that Trump will be able to dig the jabs out at this point. He has really giving the masses much to write about, and the authors are really digging in.

We all know Kim Jung Un as the dictator of North Korea, right? Well, RAGE has dug up at least 25 letters that were passed from Trump to Un and vice versa during class when they should have been paying attention to who was watching.

Bob Woodward caught them, so instead of detention, he will put the letters on full display in his latest book that hits on September 15th. We, the class, will know all of what they were secretly writing about. Was it walks in the park, late night strolls? On the 15th, we will know.

And then there’s Sarah here who has now decided that she would be speaking for herself in the title that just dropped today – SPEAKING FOR MYSELF. She subtitled it Faith, Freedom and the Fight of Our Lives Inside the Trump White House.

For those no used to seeing her in jeans and cute blouse, laid back with words to her left, that’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She was once the White House Press Secretary for Obama Donald Trump, but the gig was up in 2019.

We basically don’t know what we will get out of this book except for a “unique perspective”. Will it be a true one? Who knows? It will be unique though…just like this unique White House Administration America has toiled and foiled under for the last four years.

What is known and inside the book is that Trump, reportedly asked Sarah, to “take one for the team”, move to North Korea because Un winked at her.

Just gross.

RISE UP is coming from Al Sharpton, the Rev who has taken it to America’s long history of violence against African Americans. He is definitely no stranger to political warfare and doesn’t intend to be. I think he fits right in there, tucked in good, nice, warm and snug, making many uncomfortable with his presence at times.

RISE UP hits on September 29th, and one should prepare to read how he believes Trump has a hold on the Grand Old Party (GOP) aka Republican Party, but he also sits Trump aside to go deeper. He will do what he does best – highlight the injustices against African Americans and his long history with other African American activists that helped move black people forward to what we all see now.

I hope everyone knows that Sharpton is already in the history books, so get this book.

Are we going to be a country that pursues real democracy, real voting rights, real respect for people regardless of their gender, their race or economic standing, or are we going to go back to a country that really believes that it is only set for a certain gender, a certain race and a certain economic standard.” – Al Sharpton on Morning Joe interview as he discussed RISE UP.

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