Self-Esteem At a Low? Work Yourself Out of That With These Self-Esteem Boosting Books

Self-esteem goes up and down throughout a person’s lifetime. There are some times in a person’s life where they feel great about their overall selves, however, there are other times when shrinking feels so much better than standing with ones head held high with confidence.

It is for that reason that most people at some point needs some direction when self-esteem isn’t that great, and there are some books that can help out with that coming soon and already released.

Black Girl in Love (with Herself) by Trey Anthony- actor, writer and producer of Da Kink In My Hair – will release a brand new book to boost self-esteem on January 5, 2021.

Too many times, Black women overlook themselves, but that stops with Black Girl in Love with Herself because “Therapy is not just for white women-no matter what your momma told you!

According to the Amazon blurb, “In Black Girl in Love (with Herself), Trey breaks down the lessons and tools that she used to heal her life, including how to:
    Set clear and healthy boundaries-even with the people who raised you
    Quit being the family ATM
    Sort out who is a real friend, and who is just there for parties and gossip
    Confront microaggressions at work without missing a beat
    Forget who black women are “supposed” to be
And fall in love with yourself!

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Next, there is the already released 90 Seconds to a Life You Love by Joan Rosenberg, PhD, and this book is actually available right now for those sitting in need at the present moment. Emotions, for most people, weigh heavily on every aspect of their lives, especially the thoughts. What 90 Seconds does is teach one how to handle unpleasant feelings so they don’t distract and cause one to have low confidence.

Let’s start with MORE THAN A BODY: Your Body Is an Instrument, Not an Ornament by Lindsay Kite, PhD. and Lexie Kite, PhD. If you don’t know your body looks good anyway, then this is the book for you.

Releasing December 29, 2020, these twin sisters who are doctors are rewiring brains by “arming you with the skills you need to reconnect with your whole self and free yourself from the constraints of self-objectification.”

The Professional Woman’s Guide to Confidence and Success titled Speak Up, Sister by Jamie Dandar McKinney is a self help book coming out on November 10, 2020, and it’s all about telling those doubtful thoughts to move out of the way and learning to empower yourself, as a woman, to speak up and step out!

Destined for Greatness is written by school teacher and CEO of Always Truth Incorporated Tameka Harris is her second book, and it follows two parents as they share with their children how wonderful they are and what qualities make them that way. This book of affirmations is made in and for greatness.

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