RHOA’s Mike Hill Defines Making It Against All Odds In New Book “OPEN MIKE”

For the most part, people all over the world choose to only show the best parts of their lives and what they consider the most meaningful because those stories are the easiest to share.

However, there are some people, such as reality show stars and those who are in the public light in another arena, who may either choose to show the rougher or more complicated sides of their lives, using it as a testimony or even a release.

The upcoming book, OPEN MIKE, will take readers behind the scenes of one of the nation’s sports broadcasters and reality show stars of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. His name is Mike Hill, and he has a demanding life story to tell in his memoir.

What Mike Hill will do in his upcoming memoir OPEN MIKE is show how “his private, internal struggles were taking a toll on his ability to live and to love. Eventually, the mounting trauma resulting from childhood memories of witnessing his mother victimized by domestic violence, a lack of proper male tutelage, discovering that his stepfather was a murder for hire, and the demise of two marriages, forced Hill to his breaking point. Amidst a silent cry for help and a quest to heal from within, forced him to pick up his pen to chronicle the most prolific moments of his life.”

OPEN MIKE will release on July 7, 2020 with the back cover of yielding a photo of himself and Cynthia Bailey, who wrote the foreword. Mike Hill signed with publisher 13th & Joan for OPEN MIKE, and the memoir is his debut book.

Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey have been in LA in quarantine during this COVID-19 outbreak and are currently in the stage of premarital counseling before taking the deep dive into marriage in 2020. Meanwhile, Hill is also hosting the Netflix show Hyperdrive.

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