Remember These Five New Celebrity Memoirs To Read & Enjoy This Fall 2021

What an amazing Fall 2021, and it’s not even here yet! I’m here to remind you about these awesome upcoming books by celebrities such as Tabitha Brown, Carmelo Anthony, Jamie Foxx and more so that you don’t miss out on all the goods they are inspiring with in their memoirs.

Tabitha, Tabitha, Tabitha Brown is her name, and we are used to watching her on television, videos and yes the Goli representing the healthy lifestyle, but we are now here to read what Tabitha Brown is releasing on September 28th of this year titled Feeding the Soul (Because It’s My Business).

Here’s the page drop:

Tabitha puts her own testimonies inside this amazingly powerfully positive book with the overall theme of overcoming and loving anyway. There was a time that she thought she wouldn’t make it to the age of 40 with an autoimmune disease that threatened her life, but she made the necessary changes in her life to help her life and she is living!

Now this is her debut book, and it’s ready whenever you are on the date of the drop.

Next up is NBA basketball’s great Carmelo Anthony who will be releasing his book on September 14th titled Where Tomorrows Aren’t Promised. This will be Carmelo Anthony’s second book release, and this particular book will be about his life, growing up in the projects of Baltimore and Brooklyn.

Life has it’s rough roads, and fame and money doesn’t erase the memories and struggles of growing up “where tomorrows aren’t promised.” However, in his memoir, this NBA star will take us on the journey that took him from the streets that claimed so many lives to the hardwood floors of the NBA courts.

You can also listen to it because it will be on audible and audio CD as well.

We have a whole lot of people who need to act like they have some sense, and that leads me to Jamie Foxx’s upcoming book titled Act Like You Got Some Sense: And Other Things My Daughters Taught Me.

You know that saying out of the mouth of babes? Well…

So let’s cut to it:

Now, I’m believing that this is Jamie Foxx’s first book, however, I could be mistaken because he has done so much until I lose count. However, Act Like You Got Some Sense is inspired by the woman who raised him, his grandmother, and how being such the great woman she was made him the man he is today while his most loved role in life – being a father to his two daughters.

In this memoir, Jamie Foxx takes us through his life and lessons and how all of it shaped his parenting style today. Now ask yourself, did you ever think you would be learning a lot of something about parenting from the funny man himself Jamie? Honestly, yeah. He’s a father… a busy one…and he has also been a son! Qualified!

October 19th is the date, but go ahead for the pre-order. You love everything else Jamie Foxx. Why not this?

And speaking of people who just know how to do it up, it seems like The Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustler’s Guide to Building Your Empire by rap artist and entrepreneur Rick Ross. Did you see his house on Coming 2 America by the way?

The Perfect Day to Boss Up releases on September 7th, and it’s a book that all entrepreneurs should want to take notes from and in because Rick Ross isn’t a secret. It’s obvious he’s made it.

Guess what he’s sharing in this book though! The BOSS COMMANDMENTS which are the ingredients to making it in the business world and achieve no matter what on this infested earth is going on. Infest it with greatness.

And last but not least at all is Gabrielle Union, actress, entrepreneur, wife and mother with her September 14th title You Got Anything Stronger? This is Union’s fourth offering to the world of books, two of them children’s books and the other a memoir.

Also in paper, hard, digital and audio, You Got Anything Stronger? is the sequel to the first one she left us wiiiithh! I hear the applause through the typing. I just here to remind you to buy it okay!

She will be continuing with her life, aging in all it’s staging and more things that women can relate to – motherhood and more. So… do you have anything stronger? Gabrielle Union does.