Reclaim Her Name Prize Faces Criticism With an African American Abolitionist Cover Mix – Up

What started as a great idea is still a great idea, however, with the launch of something major, there is bound to be some things that go terribly wrong.

Remember the Reclaim My Name Prize that launched in order to bring attention to the real female authors on great works of literature who had to write under male names because their success depended on it?

Well, there was a snafu.

According to the Guardian, when many of the books were republished and distributed, on one of the covers they, in error, placed a picture of writer, orator and abolitionist Frederick Douglass instead of the real Martin Delany who was also an African American abolitionist on the book titled The Life of Martin R. Delany, written by Francis Rollin Whipper.

There have been some complaints, however, the situation was addressed by the Bailey’s spokesperson, and corrected.

Things happen, right? But Frederick Douglass? Come on. We all should know by now on sight who that is and what he looked like. It’s 2020.

Then again, what a year.

For those of you confused about the writings of Frederick Douglass and who he is in order to not be confused by any other erroneous covers, see below.

That is Frederick Douglas, and the book is totally free on Amazon right now.

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