Read The Man Who Lived Underground by Richard Wright & More Powerful Books Releasing In April 2021

Exciting African American books of fantasy, history, civil rights and religion are all dropping in the month of April from authors Richard Wright, Eric Jerome Dickey, Morgan Jerkins and more.

A book which was once tossed aside and refused to be published is now being published 60 years after the death of the author – The Man Who Lived Underground. Richard Wright, author of Native Son and Black Boy, wrote this epic novel years ago, and it is still very relevant today, and readers are very fortunate to finally be able to read it published in full, and not in a short story form which truncated this powerful story, which tells how a Black man was framed for a murder he didn’t commit. (April 20, 2021 release date)

Native Son was written in 1940 and Black Boy, his memoir, in 1945 by Mississippian born Richard Wright, making him well aware of racism. He brought awareness to and fought racism through his gift of story telling. Prior to the books aforementioned books, he wrote Uncle Tom’s Children, a story on lynchings in the South, and after Black Boy, released and published The Outsider and Savage Holiday and The Long Dream. Most of his other works were short stories and poetry.

Eric Jerome Dickey, the author who passed away in January 2021, will posthumously release his book The Son of Mr. Suleman. (April 20, 2021 release date).

The Son of Mr. Suleman combines everything that creates the deadly bomb of racism while following the life of a Black man from Memphis, Tennessee who is caught up in a romance with someone from an entirely different culture hailing from Europe, which just happens to be the place where the late Dickey was born.

Author Morgan Jerkins will make her fiction debut with the release of Caul Baby, following the life of a woman who has a hard time completing a pregnancy when she turns to a family in Harlem with healing powers in their skin. (April 6, 2021 release date)

Morgan Jerkins is also the author of nonfiction books Wandering In Strange Lands and Will This Be My Undoing.

Urban Apologetics: Restoring Black Dignity with the Gospel by Eric Mason is a book release confronting and addressing the fall away of the church when it comes to Black people due to the false teachings against Christianity. This book is all about the restoration of Black dignity with the gospel of Jesus Christ. (April 6, 2021 release date)