Read Some of the Best Upcoming Children’s & Young Adult Fiction of 2021

The word exciting doesn’t quite do 2021 justice when it comes to the upcoming release of these fabulous children’s and young adult books …even Kevin Hart is adding to the action! So enjoy some of the upcoming releases below.

Bummed out about school? Join a middle-grade aged boy named Marcus created by actor, author and comedian Kevin Hart in his upcoming middle-grade novel titled Marcus Makes a Movie.

Marcus is bummed out about a film class until he decides to create a film about a superhero he’s been drawing for years, except he doesn’t know what he’s doing and he needs lots of help. With determination, he finds he has to give it all he’s got to get the job done.

Kevin Hart’s Marcus Makes a Movie will be the celebrity’s first children’s book, and it will release on June 1st under Crown Books for Young Readers.

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