Read Life Altering, Coming of Age Stories That Will Add To Your World View, Starting With I Am a Girl From Africa.

Oh the coming of age stories that are to release in 2021! From I Am a Girl From Africa by Elizabeth Nyamaryaro and even going back to the previously released story of Esther Safran Foer and her search back into the Holocaust, all of these books are must reads for 2021 which will expand your world views!

I Am A Girl From Africa is the true story of a girl, the author, Elizabeth Nyamaryaro who traveled across the world from Zimbabwe to create change. It all started when she was rescued from starvation when a UN worker fed her. This was the moment that would define the rest of her life.

The future brought her to become the senior advisor at the United Nations and the founding of HeForShe, an organization that fights for gender equality.

I am a Girl From Africa will release on April 20th.