Rapper Slick Rick Releasing His Hit Song Children’s Story In Book Form

The legendary rap artist Slick Rick will release his hit song Children’s Story, about a young boy who chooses the wrong path in life, in a children’s book form.  This release will be the first of its kind from a rap artist, therefore, going down in history as the entire Children’s Story rap will be printed in book form of 18 pages and sold throughout the country in stores.

The book will have illustrations as well which can be viewed at Get On Down’s official page, while there will also be a full CD of The Great Adventures of Slick Rick to go along with the book which was originally released in 1988.  It could be stated that this will be a collector’s item in the future.

The book will go on sale on Record Store Day which is April 22nd.  Find out more information at Get On Down.

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