Rapper & Activist Talib Kweli to Release Memoir Titled VIBRATE HIGHER

Brooklyn born rap artist Talib Kweli, known from the rap duo Black Star where he performed with rapper/actor Mos Def in the beginning of his career, his activism against police brutality and collaborations with many rap artists, and his own albums and label Javotti Media, is working on a new book that will release on July 14, 2020 titled VIBRATE HIGHER: A RAP STORY.

Talib Kweli’s career in music has spanned over many years and covered many different aspects of music and real life, specifically expressed in hip hop. Now, prepare to hear Kweli’s social consciousness in VIBRATE HIGHER as he takes readers through his own upbringing, how it shaped his views, and how he carved his own path in the culture of hip hop, a place where strong political voices are heard where in times past, those same voices may not have been heard at all.

Talib Kweli, a son of educators, will place his words in VIBRATE HIGHER: A RAP STORY, his debut book.

Before Talib Kweli became a world-renowned hip hop artist, he was a Brooklyn kid who liked to cut class, spit rhymes, and wander the streets of Greenwich Village with a motley crew of artists, rappers, and DJs who found hip hop more inspiring than their textbooks (much to the chagrin of the educator parents who had given their son an Afrocentric name in hope of securing for him a more traditional sense of pride and purpose). Kweli’s was the first generation to grow up with hip hop as established culture—a genre of music that has expanded to include its own pantheon of heroes, rich history and politics, and distinct worldview.

Eventually, childhood friendships turned into collaborations and Kweli gained notoriety as a rapper in his own right. From collaborating with some of hip hop’s greatest—including Mos Def, Common, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Kendrick Lamar—to selling books out of the oldest African-American bookstore in Brooklyn, and ultimately leaving his record label and taking control of his own recording career, Kweli tells the winding, always compelling story of the people and events that shaped his own life as well as the culture of hip hop which informs American culture at large.

Vibrate Higher illuminates Talib Kweli’s upbringing and artistic success, but so too does it give life to hip hop as a political force—one that galvanized the Movement for Black Lives, and serves a continual channel for resistance against the rising tide of white nationalism.

The official book cover for VIBRATE HIGHER has not yet been released.

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