President Barack Obama Shares Photo With His Mother Prior To Release of Promised Land Memoir

President Barack Obama is set to release his latest book, A Promised Land, on Tuesday, November 17th, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the gush of love he has assembled for social media in pictures prior to the book’s release.

One of the more touching photos was of himself as a child in the arms of his mother, Ann Dunham, where he explained that his mother believed in the power of lifting people up and not tearing them down. He learned many golden lessons from his mother, including respecting others no matter what.

Of course, that was his mother’s road and path in life to raise who she may not have known would be a future President of the United States of America and the first African American to hold that highest office.

Being a father himself, he recalled the days when his own father was “largely absent” from his life, and that is what shaped his ideas about who he wanted to be as a father, thus keeping a close relationship with his own children. Hence the reason he dedicated his memoir to them.

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What should we expect from A Promised Land by the eloquent President? The first thing that should be known is that this is the first volume. Secondly, President Obama will take readers into the moments of determining who he is as a man as he “grew up”, and he will go further into his manhood as the leader of the free world when he invites readers into his first term in office. Going in to great detail about his triumphs and opposition, readers will find out why democracy is still dear to his heart and worth every drop of empathy, compassion and fight to keep.

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