Performer Mandy Gonzalez Encourages Being FEARLESS In Her Debut Middle Aged Book

What do you get when you get when a group of thespians confront a cursed theater that threatens to ruin their dreams? You get the debut book from Hamilton’s Mandy Gonzalez titled Fearless.

Fearless was released on April 6th, and this middle grade story was founded upon the author’s own dreams when she was a little girl, according to an interview she gave NBC. In the interview, Mandy Gonzalez explained how her dream was performance but she didn’t see anyone who like her succeed, but she was pushed to never give up from her grandmother.

Through this middle aged novel, she wants young people to understand that fear may be there, but to push through it anyway

See more of the interview here.

Fearless will be a series of books, and this is only the first, published by Aladdin.