Paid For SAT Scores & End of American Democracy! Donald Trump’s Niece Dishes on the President of the USA In New Book

The book tea is real, and it’s coming full throttle from the words inside the book written by Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump.

Mary, Mary… whew, someone is mad at you — but not us.

So, since Mary Trump can’t really talk about the book due to a temporary restraining order against her, a copy was sent to CNN, and of course, they read and read well. According to what came from CNN, Mary Trump, inside the book TOO MUCH and NEVER ENOUGH, describes her uncle President Donald Trump as a “sociopath” who paid someone to take his SATs because he knew he wasn’t going to have the grades to get into the University of Pennsylvania, and “that paved the way for him to get into Whanton Business School.”

She also, according to CNN, painted Donald Trump as a “liar” and “cheater” and who took that idea that “cruelty is the point to the next level.” Mary wrote the book because, as summarized by CNN, “Donald Trump ruined her father’s life and she now is watching as he ruins the country.”

Here is a clip shown on television as CNN broadcasted the news on the book in a quote:

None of us want that, now do we? End of American democracy? No, we don’t. What we really want is some popcorn, since the theaters are shut down, and this book in our laps!

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