Octavia Butler’s KINDRED Going Pilot With FX

Octavia Butler’s Kindred is going pilot, and the channel that’s giving it a go is FX.

The Kindred pilot will be written by Brandon Jacobs-Jenkins, according to Variety, and after having read the book decades ago, he is honored to bring the story to life with FX because the book touched him just that much. The Octavia Butler Estate is also thrilled that Kindred will pilot with FX.

Having passed away in 2006, Octavia Butler is known for African American sci-fi stories, and Kindred is a story that has some similitude to the 2020 movie Antebellum, staring Janelle Monae’.

In the book Kindred, a 26 year old woman is uprooted from her modern life with her husband and transported to the antebellum South in order to save a white plantation owner’s son from drowning. She is transported back into the past several times, but each time her stay gets more dangerous and the stay longer, making her own survival uncertain.