Need Some New Perspectives? These Upcoming Books Are Sure To Get You There!

2021 is here and many of us are in search of books that will give us greater insight into worlds or individuals that we may have been curious about but not able to identify with or understand.

Here are some books that will be available soon that will take you into the life of the powerful, brave and from various walks of life.

Releasing on February 2nd is the new book Manners Will Take You Where Brains and Money Won’t by debut author and award winning NASA executive and professional Donald G. James.

Inside the book, Donald G. James will bring the wisdom he learned from his mother and the wisdom he gained from over 30 years at NASA in order to show how important it was in his past, and even now, to let manners lead and break down barriers that other things won’t and can’t.

Handshakes and thank you’s are beneficial and must not be forgotten, therefore, it is a guide for new graduates and young adults starting out in life as a rule of thumb to never forget.

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