Must Read West Indian/Caribbean Books That You Don’t Want To Pass By

I love the Caribbean, don’t you? Even if you have never been, the beauty comes through from the people, food, resilience and the landscape in photos and even more in BOOKS! Here are some of the must read West Indian/Caribbean books that we all must dive into, from Vincent Brown’s Tacky’s Revolt to Washington Black!

Takey’s Revolt: The Story of an Atlantic Slave War is the factual story of the revolt that occured in the mid to late 1700s in the country of Jamaica. It’s obvious what was going on at the time in the Americas – the enslavement of Black men women and children. However, many times, the revolts that took place during the enslavement of Black people are not learning in the educational system. Therefore, we can learn much through Tacky’s Revolt.

Let’s dig in.

African slave traders sold captives European slave traders who then took the captured to the Americas. In this particular book, it was to Jamaica where Tacky’s Revolt took place. Then it was in Jamaica there was another brutal struggle – the struggle and fight for freedom. Europeans struggled to keep the captive men and women captive while the Black people fought against them tooth and nail. And so we have the revolt led by an African Fanti royal named Tacky! It was one of the most dangerous revolts the Americas have ever seen.

Read all about it in Tacky’s Revolt, written by Vincent Brown.

Here’s a fiction that takes place in Barbados titled How the One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House by Cherie Jones. Here’s the scoop!

This story is all about girls who disobey their mothers and is told by a grandmother to her grandchild named Lala. The grandma tells the story of what happens when girls go into Baxter’s Tunnels. There is a chain of events that lead to gunshots, death and robberies.

Oh my goodness the drama.

The Blackest Thing in Slavery Was Not the Black Man is another book that will release in 2022, which was the last testament of Eric Williams who was known as the Father of a Nation when it comes to Trinidad & Tobago, leading them to independence. Williams was actually the first prime minister of the nation before his death in 1981.

Williams was also a historian, and this book represents his final historical installment, reflecting on the institution of slavery both in the Americas and worldwide. As far as the Americas, it was the Black people who carved out their own way to survive and prosper while Europe and Americas prospered from the bondage of Black people. Williams also moves beyond slavery into the issues of capitalism as well.

This book is edited by Brinsley Samaroo.

How about some tasty dishes from the islands Trinidad & Tobago in the cookbook by Felix Padilla titled Simply Trini Cooking?

Let’s dive in get a taste!

Dishes that were invented and very diverse, Felix Padilla brings us the dishes of ancestors with over ten years of research and cooking, with 600 recipes and even 200 pictures. Learn how to cook the Trini way simply!

Let’s end our list with Washington Black by Esi Edugyan, another great story out of Barbados that is sure to please.

Washington Black follows a field slave on a sugar plantation who ended up a servant to an abolitionist where he learns how to fly! Not just fly with arms, but fly in a flying machine.

They begin to see each other as human, but then someone is killed, leaving Washington Black and Christopher to flee due to a bounty on both their heads.

Will they escape?