Must Read Eye-Opening Books Going Into the 2021 New Year, Starting With Crossing The Line

Crossing the Line by Kareem Rosser is a coming of age story, following young siblings from the poverty stricken streets of West Philadelphia to an opportunity that concluded to them becoming the first all-Black national interscholastic polo championship team.

Learn their story by reading it when it releases on February 9, 2021.

On February 16, 2021, One Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race by Yaba Blay speaks for itself in the title when it comes to the history of America’s stance on who is Black and who will be determined Black based off of the “one drop of Black blood” rule that was upheld in society from America’s past.

This book is all about the lens, “featuring the perspectives of 60 contributors representing 25 countries and combining candid narratives with striking portraiture, this book provides living testimony to the diversity of Blackness. Although contributors use varying terms to self-identify, they all see themselves as part of the larger racial, cultural, and social group generally referred to as Black.

Kamala Harris broke her way onto a stage where she is now known internationally as the first female and African American female and African American/Asian American to be voted in a vice president elect, not to mention that she is the first graduate from a Historically Black University that made the cut as well.

Harris’s appointment has made phenomenal history in America and in politics, but while we all know this, there is still much we don’t know. Author Dan Morain is going to handle that part in his biography to release on January 12, 2021 titled Kamala’s Way, which will show the detailed rise in her career from prosecutor to Vice President of America.

Girl, Gurl, Grrrl by Kenya Hunt is a book of essays on being a Black woman, sharing the complexities and the common, the fierceness and the solemn, and all in between – the great, the grappling and the genius. It s a book on Black womanhood and the belonging in the age of Black Girl Magic.

It’s finally ready to release on December 16, 2020 – Invisible Men:Black Artists of the Golden Age of Comics by Ken Quattro! Talk about being invisible! These Black artists of comics have been completely overlooked, but not anymore. Take a look at the major Black artists of history and how they shaped comics then and today.

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