Must Read Apocalyptic Fiction Breaking Out In the Spring 2021

How To Survive the End by Cyan Deane

Spring 2021 is bringing brand new and fresh stories for the post-apocalyptic fiction lovers, and on February 1st comes another story from Cyan Deane titled How to Survive the End.

Should he believe everything he reads? Ancient texts, modern science, and a load of naysayers that make him feel like he’s out of his mind because everything Dayton has put together from ancient texts all point to the end of societies across the globe at the very same time. The question is – how to survive it?

What happens when you wake up and find yourself in a whole other world each time you sleep? Doors of Sleep by Tim Pratt takes us into that fictitious world when simply waking up changes everything. However, there is also an unwelcome chaser on the trail of he who is moving through time in his sleep.

Doors of Sleep will release on January 12th, 2021.

A Flood of Posies by Tiffany Meuret is to release on February 9th, and it’s not fire, but a flood, Biblical in magnitude, that ends up bringing two wayward sisters together in a fight to survive…and then suddenly there are the monsters called Posies. This is where the new journey begins, and it links back to one of the sisters.

Forget Me Not by Alexandra Oliva will release on March 2nd, and the hidden thrill behind the book is a child who discovers that she was only born to replace another. Her plans to escape her secluded home succeed, until she is thrust back after a fire and her life is placed in danger.

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