More Forgotten True Life Stories Coming From Bestselling “Hidden Figures” Author

Margot Lee Shetterly is bringing more true life stories which were overlooked into the spotlight very soon as she has signed on to write two more books that have to do with the forgotten African American experience.

One of the more prominent overlooked African Americans that Shetterly will bring to light in one of her upcoming books is the story of Willie Adams who was a superb investor, bringing the capital that was once only thought to be attained by Caucasians to the African American community.  There will also be a story of the black family, the Murphys, who produced the longest running African American newspaper to date Рthe Baltimore Afro-American Newspaper.

It’s an exciting time for Shetterly readers who fell in love with her bestselling book Hidden Figures. ¬†For right now, there are no further details on her future releases.

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